Controlling game and chat audio


The game and chat volume controls of the LS30 are very well integrated into the design of the headset.  So much so that they can be easy to overlook.  If you've gone over the setup procedures and still can't hear game or chat audio, please review the volume and mute control scheme below:



Easy to locate quickly and without looking, simply rotate the outer dial on the left earcup to adjust the volume. 




Did someone just walk into the room to ask you a quick question? Simply press the center button on the left earcup to quickly mute the game and chat audio. Mic Monitor remains active so you can easily carry on a quick conversation without removing your headset.



Quickly and independently adjust the volume of the incoming chat audio by simply rotating the outer dial on the right earcup. Locating the chat volume control on the opposite earcup makes it simple to know which volume you’re adjusting.



Press the large center button on the right earcup to mute the outgoing microphone and turn off mic monitor. The LED located on the tip of the boom mic will illuminate and a tone will be played in the headset (useful when not using the boom mic) to indicate that the mic has been muted.