PC/Mac Compatibility


Although we don't market or sell the LS30 as a PC headset, it is possible to use it on a PC or Mac.  There are 3 possible configurations:

USB Only

Connect the wireless dongle to a USB port on a PC or Mac.  This allows routing of both audio and the microphone via USB.  You'll need to refer to the User Guide for your computer's OS as the setup for this varies depending on the version of Windows or Mac OS in use.  If only using USB for audio, all audio is controlled by the right side volume wheel.  The left side volume wheel will only adjust the mic monitor level. Some people refer to this as the controls being switched, but this is correct when all audio is via USB.

USB and Optical

If the computer has optical out, the ideal setup will involve routing the game audio via PCM stereo to the optical output on the computer.  Then, route the chat application audio to the USB audio on the LS30.  This setup will allow the left volume wheel to control game volume and mic monitor level while the right volume wheel will control the chat volume level, just as it does on a console.  

3.5mm Cable

While the headset is powered OFF, simply connect one end of the 3.5mm chat cable to the headset and the other end to the computer's 3.5mm jack.  If the computer has separate pink/green 3.5mm jacks for audio, a splitter such as the one linked below is required.  

PC Pink/Green Splitter