Nintendo Switch LS30 Setup


Here's how to configure the Nintendo Switch to work with the LS30.


1.  On the go:

Simply use the LS30 in passive mode (Powered off) and connect it to the Switch using the included 3.5mm cable.  Plug the cable into the 3.5mm port on the top of the Switch and use the volume control buttons on the top of the Switch to control the volume.  Note: Because the LS30 is powered off, the volume, mute, and EQ buttons on the headset will not function.  


2.  Wirelessly when docked:


First, make sure that the Switch is set to output Stereo in the Settings > TV Output > TV Sound menu.

Option 1:  Many TVs feature an optical out port.  You can connect the optical cable between the optical out on the TV and the USB base station of the LS30.  You will need to set your TV to output "PCM Stereo" and make sure that the TV is set to output audio to the optical port.  Please refer to the User Guide of your TV for instructions on how to do this.  If you are passing the HDMI signal from your Switch through an AV Receiver before the TV, you may need to change the setting on the AV Receiver to allow the audio to pass to the TV.  Please refer to your AV Receiver User Guide for instructions on how to do this.


Option 2:  An HDMI to Optical audio extractor is available from many sources.  This adapter will connect between the HDMI output of the Switch Dock and your TV.  You would then set the adapter to Stereo PCM (2 channel) output and connect the optical cable between the adapter and the LS30 USB base station.  We have tested this unit available from Amazon with the LS30, but other units should work as well:

HDMI to Optical Adapter


Currently the Switch does not support voice chat or the microphone on the LS30.  Voice communication for the Switch will be supported by an upcoming smartphone app and we will update these instructions once that app becomes available this summer.