Audio fades out when using with PC



If you experience the audio fading out while using the headset, please check the following:


1.  Make sure you have the latest firmware update:

2.  If you had previously updated your firmware, make sure that the firmware was successful on both the base station and the headset by running the firmware updater again using the link above.

3.  Two audio devices should appear in your sound control panel.  One called "LucidSound PC Gaming Audio" and another called "LucidSound PC Chat Audio."


4.  Set the "LucidSound PC Gaming Audio" as the default audio device (will see a green check mark) and the "LucidSound PC Chat Audio" as your default communications device (will see a green chat icon next to it).  


This will resolve the issue with audio fading out.

Please see this article for more info on setting up the LS30 with a PC: