LS40 Distorted Audio with Xbox One


Distorted audio may be heard for up to the first 3 minutes after powering on the headset and Xbox One.  The audio issue will resolve itself in 3 minutes or less or may not be heard at all. 

We have released an updater to update the LS40 firmware and correct this issue.  Please only perform the update if you have this issue with Xbox One.  There are no other changes to the LS40 firmware in this release.  


  1. Download and install the updater (installer located at the bottom of this article) on a Windows 7 or later PC.
  2. Launch the updater.
  3. Connect the USB base station to your computer.
  4. Select the firmware package V2.2:
  5. Click the update button and let the update complete:
  6. When the update has completed successfully, the following screen will be displayed:

Once the update is complete, please follow these steps to pair the headset to the USB base station again:

  1. Plug the dongle into a USB port on your console and turn on the console.
  2. Locate the small hole on the side of the dongle.
  3. Use a paperclip or similar device to press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds.  Release when the LED flashes twice then pauses and repeats.  The dongle is now in pairing mode.
  4. Turn on the headset.
  5. Press and hold the power button on the headset for at least 7 seconds. 
  6. The headset should now pair to the dongle and both the dongle and headset LEDs should now glow solid blue.  Pairing is now complete. 

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to help.


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